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Blignaut Wealth Managers is a financial services provider with a unique approach to the client’s holistic financial needs.

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Retirement & Financial Planning

Our qualified financial advisers help you consider your needs and work with you to identify and plan for your financial objectives.

Business Risk & Management

Business Risk management is a subset of risk management used to evaluate the business risks involved if any changes occur in the business operations, systems and process.

Corporate & Individual Tax

Tax is closely related to investments and personal finance, and therefore it made sense to add a tax- advisory service to the service offering of BWM.

Investment Planning

We offer a comprehensive range of investment products, with a wide selection of underlying investment instruments for you to choose from.

Education Planning

We believe that knowledge is key, thus our investor education is dedicated to empowering you to understand your investments and make informed investment decisions.

Risk Protection

Personal risk protection covers the areas of Term insurance Total, Permanent Disablement insurance (TPD), Trauma (also known as Crisis Insurance), Income Protection and Business Expenses Insurance.

Health Care

We give you access to a variety of healthcare and medical aid options from a range of leading insurance providers. We can also arrange additional gap cover, to boost your healthcare benefits.


Our short-term insurance gives you access to car, household, and liability and accident cover from a range of leading insurance providers.

Estate Planning & Management

Our comprehensive estate planning and fiduciary service allows you to manage the assets in your estate efficiently and to make sure that they are distributed according to your wishes when you pass away.

About Us

At Blignaut Wealth Managers, we understand that a life event such as
Retrenchment, Starting a New Business or even Retirement can be an emotionally
daunting process! These life events are not only about managing your money but also
about managing the uncertainties. For this reason, we believe that it is important to
guide our clients through these life changing events. We are proud to be able to offer
this value-added service to help you through the emotional transition associated with
these events. We offer this valued service with personal, one-on-one life coaching
sessions, navigating you through these tough changes. Read More…

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Our holistic financial planning process
is driven to assist our clients in securing success.
The entire team of professionals at Blignaut Wealth Managers
is committed to this process to ensure that this practice is not only future-fit,
but also delivers an enhanced and differentiated client experience.
We focus on stewardship rather than salesmanship to ensure
that our clients achieve their lifetime goals.
We apply a systematically designed process, the BWM formula,
designed to ensure that every client is at the Centre of everything we do!

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What Our Clients Say?

I have personally been working with Blignaut Wealth Managers for 4 years on various projects. The latest is exciting for all of their clients because we are structuring and enhancing their already strong business to take BWM to the next level in their quest to become the number 1 financial services provider in KZN and in South Africa. They have a strong dedicated team, and if you are already a client look out for the communication that is being sent out because BWM is going to be giving you a new client experience that you will want tell your friends and family about.
Mark Bullock
Illustro Consulting
The best!
Morgan Hosking
Personal Finance
Superb Service! Thank you for paying attention to detail.
Ramona Fick
Incredibly the best
Khanyisani Mazibuko
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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

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